Electric outboard engine

with 100% renewable horsepower

Electric outboard

with 100% renewable horsepower

Now you can go boating environmentally conscious


Electric motor that gives you a quiet and odorless boating experience with good operating economy. You can book VMU 60 today.


Battery pack with control unit that is integrated in the boat. Brand new technology that fits with Volt Marine's electric outboards.

Place your order now!  Delivery is scheduled for Spring 2023.

Test Run - Summer 2022

During the summer of 2022, we will do a test drive tour. Register your interest and we will contact you when we approach your area

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Boating 2023 - a quiet, fast-paced experience

Can you have a conversation without raising your voice as you rush through the water with the foam dizzying around your bow? Absolutely! If you drive with an electric outboard. In addition, you can pull on with a clear conscience, your carbon dioxide emissions are equal to zero regardless of speed.

Breathe in the sea air - only salt, seaweed and sun-warmed skin. You do not miss the smell of petrol where you glide silently over the water surface while waiting for the mackerel to chop.

It's a bit like we at Volt Marine imagine boating in the future. Want to know how?

Therefore, electric is a smart choice

  • Electricity is an environmentally conscious choice
  • Stepless adjustable speed from 0 and up
  • Cheap in operation
  • Silent
  • No unpleasant odors

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